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Organization Sunday

This Sunday, I was over it. I was tired of going in to my Monday routine and feeling like nothing got done over the weekend. I am guilty of doing this. I have done it many a weekends. I get to Friday. It's high kicks and big smiles. I'm passing people in the halls, high fiving first-graders. I'm feeling like a million bucks. Then I head home Friday evening and there is a euphoric-high. My weekend starts with a slow sloppy beginning.  Start my first morning off with a late sleep-in. We'll come back to why this should never happen.

By Sunday, I have been lazily moving around, unless there is an event. Nothing is getting done. No real work. I know. Why would I work on my day off? Because every day of the week, I put the things I need on the back burner. This weekend I started, "How to make you weekend count". It worked and I am so eager for my new week.

Here is how my weekend went!
This Saturday, as much as it hurt, I got up and went to morning gym. I had an event to go to. I slacked off and did some lounging. At 3 o'clock I headed out to my brother's place for my darling niece's birthday. I manage to slack and start my assignment for graduate school late when I returned home. Finally, I slept late, ate too much and watched all of the pre-recorded shows. Epic fail! Who am I?

Sunday morning, I woke early with a vengeance. I knew this feeling. I was taking back my weekend. I opened my planner, found my weekly section and located November 5th - Sunday. With due diligence, I started from the top of the page, I listed every task I was doing today. I thought, "Kari you're crazy."  I started the new me and decided, " I had great ideas, but fail to follow them through"

Step One YOGA

Add a to-do list of things that benefits you throughout the week.
Create tasks that you find too difficult to do during the week. When done, think of all  the time you'll have to rest after work. Organize your immediate and long term goals. This includes personal emails and clothing.

I thought to myself, "you want to tangle with your closet?" It was the best decision I made.

Journal your weekly thoughts! Good, Bad and the Ugly. Use this time to reflect, it will help you with confronting the new week successfully.

Dispose of all negative experiences. What you left the week before, has to be disposed of, but not ignored. Remember to seek an improved tactic and take time to enjoy the learning process.

Meet you back here next week.


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